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Other Horrible Puns

Right so one the same day we decided that Orlando Bloom's ass could sell anything we were thinking that a shirt with all 9 asses from the Fellowship of the Ring would also sell. Call it The Fellowship of the Asses. *grinz* This started a downward spiral and here it is.

Lord of the Rectum: Fellowship of the Asses
Lord of the Rectum: Two Titties
Lord of the Rectum: Rectum of the King

Harry Penis: The Sorcerers Balls
Harry Penis: The Chamber of Secretions
Harry Penis: The Prisoner of Azkabana
Harry Penis: The Goblet of Fellatio
Harry Penis: Order of the Penis

Ass Wars: The Phallic Menace
Ass Wars: Attack of the Colons
Ass Wars: (Not been released Yet)
Ass Wars: A Nude Hope
Ass Wars: The Empire Sluts Are back
Ass Wars: Rectum of the Jedi
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