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Orlando Bloom's Butt

Oh the Horror of Being Bored

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Hi there! This community is devoted to the humorous side of Orlando Bloom's Butt... well mostly devoted.

Now it isn't what you are thinking. We aren't drooling over Mr Bloom's backside. It all started one day while at work. We happen to be selling shirts with Legolas the Elf from LOTR on them. Well it was decided that if you ever wanted to sell anything, anything at all, all you had to do was put a picture of Orlando Bloom's ass on it. *chuckles*

WARNING: This community is a joke more then anything else. We don't mean any harm or offense by any of this. Mr Bloom is an excellent actor who just happens to sell alot of merch with his most handsome face. So please don't start a flame war over his butt. *grinz* Expect to see some horrible and rather un-pc jokes. Smile people life could be so much worse.

WARNING 2: We work at Torrid the clothing store. We don't represent them in anyway. I love my job people please don't bitch at them about my online and harmless activities.